Frogs slowly boiling...?

By Duru

October 12, 2000


Again my 2 cents...I can't help it. With the Mideast on the verge of yet another eruption and everything else that has been going wrong in markets and economics, I can't help but vent a little through email.

Have you heard the story that if you drop a frog into boiling water,he jumps right out, but if you put him in cold water, and slowly boil him, he will just sit there and die? Apparently, frogs cannot detect gradual changes in temperature.

Well, I cannot help but feeling like we are in a similar situation. Humans have a hard time grasping gradual changes in history and events....and the market has been slowly boiling almost all year (if not longer)! There could be some great calamity not too far down the road, and we can neither comprehend nor understand it because we keep thinking that this is as bad as it can get...or a turn-around is right around the corner. Again, I hate sounding bearish...I only say this in caution again. I hate selling at the bottom too!

Perhaps this is just another typical brutal October? Hopefully, but watch out for being slowly boiled....