Strategist Sees S&P500 Falling

By Duru

October 28, 2001


Sorry for the flurry of emails in the last few days, but this is a very important time for the markets and the economy, and each little nuggest you see, read, or understand could make a huge difference in your financial security.

The latest: I am noticing more and more "stragetists" and "analysts" that are willing to go public with very bearish views. While I am reassured that the public may finally be getting good, or at least realisitc, advice, I am also wary because when the experts finally start getting negative, you have to start asking yourself whether there are any good reasons to buy. I see very few good long-term investments now, but I will be keeping an open mind.


I cannot remember whether this guy has been a bear in the past or not.....

Report: Strategist Sees S&P500 Falling