Can our Prez be any more clueless?!?! "Economy Hung Over, Basically Sound"

By Duru

July 15, 2002

This message from the Prez is the confused, mixed-up, and further confirmation of his cluelessness as to what is really going on out here in the real world of Main Street. I even saw a quick video clip from the speech, and the Prez had the same "help me" vacuous look in his eyes, the same unassuring stammer, that I have come to cringe over whenever he speaks on important issues. Again, you need not wonder why the markets sold off so hard today when they hear the Prez talk like this! His rationale for why the economy is so strong is the same crap that has been spewed by analysts, bureaucrats, money-men, etc... since Greenspan started slashing rates in early 2001. He tells us that we need to purge the binge and get over the hangover from the 90s while at the same time claiming our economy is fundamentally strong. You cannot purge without going through a period of weakness. And the stronger the purge, like now, the weaker the body!!!

And if he wants to talk about purging, how about he purge some of his own ill-gotten gains? Or at least come clean with his business dealings and set a real example for the rest of the country?


Sorry - I had to get that one out! Thanks for listening! :)

If anyone has a more complete copy of this speech, or something reassuring to say about it, please let me know!


Monday July 15, 2:02 pm Eastern Time

Reuters Business Report

Bush: Economy Hung Over, Basically Sound

By Arshad Mohammed