How Many Times 1999?

By Duru

April 6, 2005


OK.  Will someone tell me how many times we have to sit here and watch this manic market play footsies with the 1999/2000 psychological barrier?  On a day where the NASDAQ nailed the 1999 line right on the dot, I find it fitting to provide to you the following statistics (good as of today):

All the following statistics refer to the number of times the NASDAQ hit the 1999 level at least once during the trading day.

All History


Before March 20, 2000


Between March 21, 2000 to Oct 31, 2002


Between Nov 1, 2002 to today






2005 (year-to-date)


As you can see, the Nazz spent much of last year fooling around, and we are only 25% through this year and have already reached near 50% of last year's levels of maddening churn.  Also notice that nearly half of all the time the Nazz has spent around 1999 has been in the last 15 to 16 months.  Finally during rally times --- the run to bubbledom in 2000 and the big run in 2003 --- the Nazz spent very little time messing around.  You get the drift?  I strongly suspect that we are in for many more moons of churn this year.  Ugh…


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