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RSS Feeds to One-Twenty

(and what exactly is an RSS Feed?!?)

RSS feeds are free updated content sent to your computer via the Internet (RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication). The feeds usually contain headlines, article summaries, and links to full articles.

To subscribe to RSS feeds, you need to use something called a news reader, or aggregator. Numerous readers exist, many free! Some readers are available as desktop software while others are Web-based and accessible on the Internet. Most customizable home pages include options for embedding RSS feeds. See the links in the sidebar to the left for further details on the many possibilities. The reader you choose should provide instructions on subscribing to RSS feeds like One-Twenty's.

To view the RSS feed for "One-Twenty" in your RSS aggregator (reader):
1. Copy the URL/shortcut: http://www.drduru.com/money/rssfeed.xml
2. Paste the URL into your RSS aggregator (reader)

RSS url: http://www.drduru.com/money/rssfeed.xml
(Click here to view the xml)

DrDuru, 2006