Learning Organization (inc. Organizational Learning) and Knowledge Management: Past Conferences

Last updated September 26, 2010

Past Conferences (in reverse chronological order)

10th International Conference on Knowledge Management and Knowledge Technologies: Messe Congress Graz, Austria: September 1–3, 2010

"I-KNOW 2010 brings together international researchers (in the English speaking scientific tracks) and practitioners (in the German speaking Praxisforum) from the fields of knowledge management and knowledge technologies. Opening and closing keynotes and a conference-wide exhibition complete the I-KNOW conference program."

Social Networking and Knowledge Management: What's Emerging from Pandora's Box?: Villa Graziadio Executive Center, Pepperdine University, 24255 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, CA 90263: September 1, 2010

"Experts from Microsoft, Qualcomm, MITRE Corporation, and eNthusaProve tell how organizations can use social networking technologies to capture, store, share, and reuse knowledge for a competitive advantage. Hear best practices and strategies for an increasingly multi-generational workspace where social networking is one of the leading technologies allowing individuals to share their knowledge with others."

APQC’s 15th Annual Knowledge Management Conference and Training - DRIVING BUSINESS PERFORMANCE: THE NEW FACE OF COLLABORATION: APRIL 26–30, 2010 "APQC’s knowledge management conference and training provides an opportunity for practitioners to learn from and network with one another, discover how colleagues in different industries and functions are solving the same problems, and make connections that will help them improve processes and practices down the road."

Tenth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations.: HEC (École des Hautes Études Commerciales, School of Commercial Studies) Montréal, Montréal, Canada, 26-28 July 2010.

"The primary interest of the Management Conference is knowledge-based social and economic change. Driven by globalisation and advances in information and communications technologies, this change has been characterised in terms of emerging information/knowledge societies and a global knowledge-based economy. The Conference will offer a comprehensive overview of current thinking in the area broadly described as knowledge management. Its perspectives will range from big picture analyses in keynote addresses by internationally recognised experts in the field of management, to detailed case studies of management practice. It will traverse a broad terrain, from theory and analysis to practical strategies for action."

The 9th International Conference on Mathematical Knowledge Management: Paris, France, July 8-9, 2010

"Mathematical Knowledge Management is an innovative field at the intersection of mathematics, computer science, library science, and scientific publishing. Its development is driven, on the one hand, by new technological possibilities which computer science, the Internet, and intelligent knowledge processing offer, and, on the other hand, by the increasing demand by engineers and scientists for new techniques to help in producing, transmitting, consuming, and managing sophisticated mathematical knowledge."

The Fourth European Conference on Intelligent Management Systems in Operations: July 7-8, 2009, University of Salford, U.K.

"Operations management posses a number of problems of significant complexity whose solution would lead to more effective operations and bring significant economic benefits. Their solution, however, require novel approaches that are based on techniques and principles from both Operational Research and Artificial Intelligence."

EKSIG 2009: Experiential Knowledge, Method and Methodology: June 19, 2009, London Metropolitan University, London, UK

"EKSIG 2009: Experiential Knowledge, Method and Methodology International Conference 2009 of the DRS Special Interest Group on Experiential Knowledge. EKSIG is part of a program of Special Interest Groups set up by the Design Research Society (DRS) to facilitate international exchange and advance in relevant areas of design. EKSIG is concerned with the understanding and management of knowledge in research and professional practice in design and design related disciplines in order to clarify fundamental principles and practices of using practice within research, both with regard to research regulations and requirements, and research methodology. EKSIG 2009 will be convened as part of a regular events program of EKSIG to promote understanding and best practice concerning the integration of different forms of knowledge within design research and practice."

Certified Knowledge Manager Training: May 4-8, 2009, Merian Hotel, Basel, Switzerland

"Douglas Connect partners with KM Institute™ to provide world class knowledge management training for all levels within an organisation, ranging from basic primers for knowledge workers, through to the most comprehensive certification courses for those managers expecting to initiate or lead a KM program. We offer a public CKM course in Basel, Switzerland which attracts managers worldwide, and custom in-house training for organisations who need several people to be trained simultaneously."

Online Information 2007: Dec 4-6, 2007, Olympia Grand Hall, London, United Kingdom

The world's leading event for online content and information management solutions. If you or your organisation need to find, create, manage or share information for competitive or business advantage, a day spent at Online Information will be a valuable use of your time.

Mission Control: Power, Knowledge and Collaboration in Project Practice: November 29th and 30th, 2007, Novotel Rockford, Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia

Enhancing knowledge culture and discovering new possibilities: KM Asia 2007: Oct 29-31, 2007, Suntec Singapore

KM Asia 2007 will provide opportunities to:

  1. See advances in KM practice and gain up to date information on current trends and methodologies
  2. Realise how enhanced CM practice can boost your overall KM strategy
  3. Hear keynote addresses delivered by prominent members of the KM community
  4. Learn from local and international practitioner case studies that will equip you with real-life examples and illustrations of what lies behind KM’s most successful programmes

Towards A Knowledge Economy: 1st Annual Conference of the Arabian Knowledge Economy Association: October 27-28, 2007, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The conference objectives are:

  1. Introduce the Knowledge-Based Economy (KBE) in the Arab World
  2. Create awareness on the KBE
  3. Learn about global experience from other countries
  4. Learn how individuals and enterprises can prepare for the knowledge economy
  5. Network entrepreneurs, investors and industry experts to discover new ways for improving and shaping innovation and entrepreneurship in selected industries including education, hydrocarbon, power and water, environment, healthcare and life sciences, information and communication technologies, and real-estate and tourism industries.

2007 actKM Conference: Oct 23-24, 2007, University House, Australian National University, Canberra

Leading Collective WisdomPrediction Markets Cluster: Oct 11-12, 2007, London, United Kingdom

Also known as information markets, decision markets, idea futures, event derivatives and virtual markets, prediction markets are speculative markets created for the purpose of making predictions. Assets are created whose final cash value is tied to a particular event, outcome or parameter (e.g., total sales next quarter). The current market prices can then be interpreted as predictions of the probability of the event or the expected value of the parameter.

Enterprise 2.0 Mashups: Expanding Customer Value Networks: Sept 28, 2007, UCSF Mission Bay, Mission Bay Community Center, San Francisco, California USA

Enterprise Mashups are application hybrids combining content and functions from more than one existing source to create powerful Web applications, integrated Web experiences and expanded customer value networks. Mashups are created by combining internal sources such as enterprise data with external Web resources such as Google Maps. Mashups are created when different application program interfaces (API) are combined or 'mashed' to create an entirely new application. Mashups are the fastest growing enterprise ecosystem on the Web by far. Mashups are social, role-based, network-centric, complex, distributed and essential to all knowledge-based networks, models and businesses. They are a critical method to enhance customer experience, to drive productivity growth (innovation) and achieve fundamental advancements in knowledge economy competitiveness. Customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders gain enormous benefits using enterprise mashups to create new applications and expanding customer value networks.

3rd Annual European Knowledge Management Thought Leaders Forum 2007: Sept 19-20, 2007, Central London, United Kingdom

The Experiential Knowledge Conference 2007: NEW KNOWLEDGE IN THE CREATIVE DISCIPLINES, June 29, 2007, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, UK

"EKC 2007 will explore the theme of New Knowledge in the Creative Disciplines to examine what is understood and accepted as new knowledge in research and in creative practice, and what their role and relationship might be. EKC 2007 will be the first in a series of biennial conferences by the University of Hertfordshire concerned with the issues and understanding of knowledge in research and practice in the creative disciplines. The experiential knowledge conferences will serve to address specific themes, to bring together researchers and practitioners from different disciplines to engender challenging multi-vocal debates around these themes, and to facilitate exchange and cross-fertilisation between the creative disciplines and other practice-led disciplines such as education, health, and knowledge management."

Knowledge and Information Sharing 2006 - The business impact of Blogs, Wikis, Instant Messaging, RSS and Podcasting. More information not available at time of inclusion (or check here later or check with Unicom)

The 3rd Asia-Pacific International Conference on Knowledge Management (KMAP), Dec 11-13, 2006, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

"KMAP 2006 will attract scholars and practitioners from around the Asia-Pacific region. This year's conference theme, The Knowledge Powerhouse for the Future, will be especially attractive to a wide-ranging group of attendees. Three keynote speakers, Prof. Karl-Erik Sveiby, Prof. Dave Snowden and Dr. Usama M. Fayyad will be invited to give a talk in the conference. We expect to attract leaders from all parts of society, and welcome your participation in making this a special event.
We have now entered an age in which knowledge is the driving force and the powerhouse for the future in sustaining organizational competitiveness and development. How this knowledge is created, stored, retrieved, shared and applied is a perennial question. The objective of KMAP is to explore these multi-dimensional issues among practitioners and academics. Papers that illustrate knowledge impact in organizational, governmental and social contexts bridging technological, behavioral and cognitive issues are particularly encouraged. "

EKAW 2006 - 15th International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management Managing Knowledge in a World of Networks, October 2 - 6, 2006, Podebrady (near Prague), Czech Republic

"The 15th International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management is concerned with all aspects of eliciting, acquiring, modelling, managing and exploiting knowledge, and the role of these aspects in the construction of knowledge-intensive systems and services."

The Third International Conference on Knowledge Management - Creating Collaborative Advantage Through Knowledge & Innovation, July 31 - Aug 2, 2006, University of Greenwich, London.

PhD seminar on organizational learning, networks and communities, June 28th- July 1st, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam (link takes you to index page, see the file "Eudokma PhD seminar 2006.doc" - a description of last year's is below)

Braintrust International 2006 - The 8th Annual Knowledge Management Summit, Feb 20-22, 2006, Hotel Nikko, San Francisco, CA

"Spend one-on-one time with Knowledge Management experts who take the time to work closely with attendees Confront the challenges specific to your industry. Network with executives and exchange ideas with peers spanning various industries. Experience in-depth learning by delving deeper into core knowledge management issues."

Knowledge Sharing: Past, Present, & Future (Bob Buckman Masterclass), University of Greenwich, Feb 2, 2006
See agenda for description

 SYMPOSIUM: BENCHMARKING THE KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY, The European Institute, London School of Economics, University of Bath. Houghton Street: Room D202: December 15, 2005.
"This symposium brings together recent academic, statistical and policy-related work on the knowledge economy. It focuses on three themes: (1) the dynamics of innovation in the knowledge economy, under conditions of globalisation; (2) the challenges of statistical measurement that are posed by the knowledge economy; (3) the Lisbon process of the EU, aimed at creating a knowledge economy by more intensive benchmarking and policy learning. Although participation is free of charge, if you are intending to come please notify in advance, to ensure that there are enough places: K.D’Arcy@bath.ac.uk"

 Knowledge Management International Conference & Exhibition (KMICE), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: June 6 - 8,2005.
"Knowledge as an intellectual capital has become an important asset to any nation nowadays. As knowledge is a valuable resource that allows us to function intelligently, any nation is constantly encouraged to use the brainpower to complement the rapid development of Information Technology (IT), a vital tool for generating and managing knowledge.
Realizing its importance, Knowledge Management International Conference and Exhibition (KMICE) will once again provide a platform for international presentation of research finding as well as discussion and sharing of recent advances in the field. This conference will bring together leading researchers and developers in a wide variety of areas, with a common interest in improving the state of the art of knowledge management (KM). This conference will also bring together people from the academia and industry to establish closer cooperation and ties, and creation of K-based society."

 International Ph.D. Seminar on Organizational Learning, Networks and Communities: Innovations in the Emerging Strategic Entrepreneurship Field , Vrije Universiteit Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Public Administration & Organization Science: June 13 - 17, 2005. Contact: Wouter Stam, E-mail: phdseminar@fsw.vu.nl. (Application deadline April 15, 2005)
"Discovering and exploiting opportunities is a challenge for organizations. It requires new knowledge to be combined with existing competencies. Three related perspectives will be discussed to examine how to create a favourable context for individuals/employees to take initiatives to pursue opportunities. The organizational learning perspective gives insights into the enabling factors for knowledge creation. New knowledge has to be discovered and recombined in order to develop innovative solutions. The network perspective is of interest because it focuses on the role of ‘who you know’ in the search for new knowledge. The position of the actor in the network as well as the type of ties, weak or strong, have an impact on his access to new information. Networks not only give access to new information, they provide firms (in particular innovative start-ups) access to communities. Recent research into the industrial and organizational community perspective stresses that the emergence of new industries requires numerous roles from the diverse set of entrepreneurs and organizations, both public and private. Interactions between the various players in a community and information sharing between them, plays an important role in organizational learning processes. In addition, participation in these communities may provide legitimacy to innovative initiatives."

 International Ph.D. Seminar on Organizational Learning, Networks and Communities: The Emerging Strategic Entrepreneurship Field , Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Public Administration & Organization Science: June 21 - 25, 2004. Contact: Tel.: +31 20 444 8640. (Application deadline April 15, 2004)

 Knowledge Activist Masterclass : Leveraging knowledge in your organisation , London, United Kingdom, April 20, 2004 and June 17, 2004.

 Innovation Masterclass , London, United Kingdom, April 27, 2004.
"In a nutshell, this event will help you to:

 ECKM 2004: THE 5th EUROPEAN CONFERENCE ON KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT , Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers  (CNAM), Paris, France :  Sept 30 - Oct 1, 2004. 

"A Conference for both Academics and Practitioners. ECKM 2004 provides an opportunity for academics and practitioners from Europe and elsewhere who are involved in the use, study, management, development and implementation of knowledge management initiatives to come together discuss the latest research and exchange ideas."

 ICICKM 2004: International Conference on Intellectual Capital, Knowledge Management and Organisational Learning , Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada:  Oct 29 - 30, 2004 .
"ICICKM provides an opportunity for academics and practitioners from North America and elsewhere who are involved in the study; management, development and implementation of knowledge management initiatives to come together and exchange ideas. The advisory group for the conference invites submissions of papers on both the theory and practice of all aspects of intellectual capital, knowledge management (KM) and organisational learning. The conference in October 2004 is seeking quantitative, qualitative and experience-based papers from industry and academe. Topics may include but are not limited to: Frameworks for conceptualising KM, parameters of the field of study, knowledge creation and sharing mechanisms; knowledge asset valuation models; impact on organisational learning; impact on business strategy, architectures for KM systems, integration of knowledge from different groups in an organization, knowledge sharing between different groups in an organization, how to initiate KM, resourcing KM, KM case studies, the evaluation of KM, KM and the Web and e-Business.
In addition to multiple streams of papers, the conference committee are inviting proposals for workshops and tutorials on topics related to KM and research methods applicable to this field."


 Third European Conference on e-Learning , Universite Paris Dauphine, in Paris, France: Nov 25-26, 2004.

"The 3rd European Conference on e-Learning (ECEL) is an opportunity for academics, practitioners and consultants from Europe and elsewhere who are involved in the study, management, development and implementation of web enabled and ICT initiatives in the learning and teaching sectors as well as the professions to come together and exchange ideas and examples of best practice.

Knowledge Management International Conference and Exhibition 2004 (KMICE'04) , Evergreen Laurel Hotel, Penang Malaysia.: Feb 13 - 15, 2004.
"The main objectives of the conference and exhibition are to give expository on current technologies in knowledge management and to exchange current knowledge and experience between academicians, professionals and researchers." (note - link not working as of April 27, 2003)
Building and Sustaining COPS (Communities of Practice) Online , Chicago, IL:  July 28-30, 2003.
"Successfully managing knowledge, capturing best practice and improving collaboration by harnessing online communities of practice"

Complex Knowledge and the Dynamics of Learning Masterclass , Chicago, IL: Jul 10-11, 2003 AND San Francisco, CA: Nov 24-25, 2003.
"This two-day interactive masterclass will give you both theoretical understanding of organic knowledge management
and practical experience in using knowledge mapping. It is based on three principles:
• Knowledge can only ever be volunteered, it can not be conscripted.
• We only know what we know when we need to know it.
• We always know more than we can say and we will always say more than we can write down."

Online, Advanced Knowledge Management Training Program : April 28, 2003.
KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY: NEW HOPE OR OLD HYPE? , University of East London, Docklands Campus: Sept 20, 2002
Please call 020 7269 9234 to register. Email P.A.Cohen@UEL.AC.UK for more information.
"KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY: NEW HOPE OR OLD HYPE? brings together discussants from a variety of fields to explore what it means - if anything - to live in a 'knowledge economy'. Does knowledge have a different relationship to  productivity today than it did in the past? Who are the so-called new 'knowledge workers', and is this work as glamorous as it looks? Is there really a 'knowledge gap' replacing the rich/poor economic divide?"
The Knowledge Management Conference , Sydney, Australia: August 7-9, 2002
"The conference will be one of the most comprehensive events held in the Southern Hemisphere over the next year and will discuss Knowledge Management for Government and the Enterprise in great depth. In attendance will be Prime Minister and Premiers from Several Nations as well as the Chief Knowledge Officers of a number of United States, European, Australian and Asian Federal and State Government Departments."
GKEC in Conjunction with Air Force Material Command (AFMC) Knowledge Management Office and Veridian Engineering Announces its Sixth Knowledge Management Standards Meeting , Dayton, Ohio (USA): April 19, 2002
"KM Standards have taken on an added urgency given the increased importance of a more coherent and coordinated knowledge management foundation for critical government and industry homeland security/emergency management programs. KM Standards for Homeland Security/Emergency Management initiatives are simultaneously being developed with basic KM Standards. KM Standards for Homeland Security/Emergency Management will help all levels of government and industry to coordinate, align, and diffuse their emergency management/homeland security programs."

Management Knowledge: Construction, Dissemination, Consumption (Stream of the 2nd International Conference on Critical Management Studies): July 11-13, 2001, Manchester (UK)
"This stream is concerned with the organisation and management of cultural production and consumption in knowledge-based societies. This concern spans a range of interdisciplinary and interprofessional research interests; from the analysis of the working practices of the Creative Industries, to the web of textual relationships between Culture and Industry, the Arts and Management. The rationale for this stream is that these complex interfaces raise questions that have considerable significance for the contemporary development of Management and Organisation Studies."
CompetiaSymposium2001 : June 11-13, 2001, Quebec City, Canada
"Raise your Competitive Intelligence (CI)-Quotient at the Competia Symposium 2001, the premier gathering of CI and Strategic Planning experts and practitioners. Share their practical knowledge, real-world experiences, opinions and insights to help shape your views, hone your understanding, and better handle the true challenges in CI and Strategic Planning."
Managing Knowledge: Conversations and Critiques : April 10-11, 2001, University of Leicester Management Centre (UK)
"The conference will provide an opportunity for critical and practice-based reflections on knowledge and managing knowledge. It aims to contribute to ongoing debates in key fields by providing a forum for a range of different contributions, including empirical studies, theoretical analysis and practitioner perspectives."
Enterprise Intelligence World Summit : Feb 19-22, 20001, Orlando, Florida

   "...The summit is being designed to focus on a balanced view of knowledge management and will cover best practices and topics on knowledge creation, sharing best practices, cultural issues, technology infrastructure, knowledge production, storytelling, innovation, organizational learning, business intelligence and corporate portals. These cases will illustrate the practical value of knowledge management in the workplace through providing examples of how KM is used in strategies, processes or tools that improve business practices in pragmatic ways."
4th World Congress on the Management of Intellectual Capital : January 17-21, 2001, Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
 Summary not available yet....
Design Management Institute 2000 Forum on Design and Knowledge Management : Nov 16-18, 2000. Frankfurt (Germany)
"The Forum will focus on the relationship of design to knowledge management in response to a variety of perspectives on strategic competence, knowledge, learning and organizational processes."
Annual Summit on Women in Knowledge Management: Co-Creating KM Communities - A Tucson Learning Experience : Oct 29 - Nov 1, 2000. Tucson, Arizona.
  "As we move further into the knowledge age, more organizations are adopting the use of Knowledge Management tools,
                 methods, and practices. A significant percentage of the people working in KM today are women. The Annual Summit on
                 Women in Knowledge Management will examine the issues of critical importance. What do women in Knowledge
                 Management want and need to know? Women are asking:..."
Knowledge Management in the Age of Networks : October 27, 2000, Edinburgh (UK)
 "Conference themes: Knowledge Management and Lifelong Learning, Innovation and Knowledge Management, Knowledge Management incentives, and value Knowledge Management in organisations."
Operational Research in the 21st Century: Communications and Knowledge Management : September 12-14, 2000, University of Wales, Swansea (United Kingdom)
"The annual OR conference offers an opportunity to share and reflect on our experience of OR practice and theory and in particular this year to speculate on the future of OR. We anticipate getting up to 300 abstracts, organised into 15 streams to which you are invited to contribute. Ideally there will be streams on the theme topics - Communications and Knowledge Management - but as usual all ideas are welcome."
KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT BEYOND THE HYPE: LOOKING TOWARDS THE NEW MILLENNIUM : July 17-20, 2000, Aston Business School, Aston University, Birmingham, UK
"The Knowledge Management Research Group of Aston University, in conjunction with the UK Operational Research Society, will be hosting KMAC2000 – the Knowledge Management Conference. This Conference will consider the history, currency and future of Knowledge Management now that the initial excitement and hype has died down.
Managing Your Company's Intellectual Capital: Tacit Knowledge Roundtable : Sept 27-28, 1999, Atlanta, GA.
"Capturing, transferring and sharing your company’s intellectual assets is quickly becoming a pressing issue for companies who want to stay ahead of the competition and achieve business excellence.
In this conference you will learn how to harvest your company’s intellectual assets to make them functional. The presenters will show you how they got started, what initiatives they have taken, their failures and their best practices in trying to capture various dimensions of tacit knowledge.
This conference and its workshops offer you important insights from "early adopters" in the field of knowledge management and a great opportunity to network with your peers. You will have many chances to ask questions and take away innovative suggestions on the issues you are facing."
The 6th European Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work : Sept 12-16, 1999, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Beyond Knowledge Management: Managing Expertise : Sept 12 or 13, 1999, Bonn, Germany (?)
"The purpose of this workshop is to build upon existing work on knowledge management systems and organizational memories. Our intent is to discuss and construct a common understanding of the systems and human procedures that incorporate and manage the diverse expertise of organizational members. We coin the term "Expertise Management" to describe these concepts. Expertise Management focuses on the human components, the cognitive, social, cultural and organizational aspects of knowledge work, as well as information storage and retrieval issues."
Intellectual Capital ROI : July 26-28, 1999, San Diego, CA
"Like most of us, you may be struggling to find the strategies, tools and processes to effectively manage and measure your organization's intellectual capital. On July 26th-28th, 1999, your peers from many different industries will meet in San Diego to share practices, ideas and insights for managing intangible assets. For example... {see the site or call 1-888-670-8200 or email register@iir-ny.com }"
Knowledge Management: The HR contribution : June 28, 1999, University of Warwick, U.K.
"As an increasing number of organizations develop Knowledge Management initiatives, evidence is accumulating that human resource issues play a critical role in achieving success. There is widespread agreement that focussing on tools and technologies alone cannot produce successful Knowledge Management. We need to recognise the important contribution made by HR policies and practices in the areas of rewards, culture and organization development as well as the role of the HR function itself."
Solutions: Achieving Business Objetives by Optimizing Information : June 17-18, Boston, MA (USA)
"Understand the mission-critical importance of collecting and organizaing customer information, and the applications for this knowledge. Use customer knowledge to solve business problems and create business opportunities. Uncover new customer-centric aplications for your knowledge management initiatives."
DCI's Knowledge Management Conference: Excellence in Knowledge Management Education: May 24-28, 1999, Chicago, IL (USA).
"Put Your Corporate Knowledge to Work! Improve the adaptability of core business processes using knowledge management ideas and technologies.
Reduce the time and cost of implementing changes to operational systems.
Deliver knowledge management applications and solutions faster and better.
Utilize corporate knowledge as a tool to increase productivity.
Increase your customer intimacy by creating more loyal and profitable customer relationships.
Reduce product cycle times by enabling consistent and efficient processes.
Identify key technology types and vendors in the knowledge management arena."
4th Annual Collaboration Conference (sponsored by the Intelligence Community): May 11-14, 1999, Virginia Beach, VA (U.S.A.)
"The conference furthers collaboration among the Intelligence Community agencies by providing a forum to share eexperiences, learn new methods, see and use new collaboration tools, and address implementation issues.
This year's conference is focused on making collaboration a reality and, as such, will highlight speakers not only from within the IC but from private industry. In addition to reports from the various IC agencies on their collaboration efforts, vendors will provide collaboration tools, tutorials, and workshops with hands-on experience. High-ranking Government speakers from within the IC will provide us with a perspective on the DCI's vision for collaboration and tell us what has not worked in the past. Our industry speakers will provide us with information gained from their personal experience and from their study of industry knowledge and innovation. In addition, two of the speakers will facilitate panel sessions, providing the opportunity for more focused interaction with conference participants."
Designing, Implementing & Managing the Knowledge Value Chain : May 11-13, 1999, Chicago, IL (USA) {if the site has not yet been updated, send email to info@iqpc.com or call 1-800-882-8684}
"Hear from leading organizations that are paving the way in new methods for a value-added knowledge management system..."
Knowledge Management: The HR contribution : April 27, 1999. University of Warwick, U.K. (you can also send email to Rebecca Dale at R.Dale@warwick.ac.uk .
"As an increasing number of organisations develop Knowledge Management initiatives, evidence is accumulating that human resource issues play a critical role in achieving success. There is widespread agreement that focussing on tools and technologies alone cannot produce successful Knowledge Management. We need to recognise the important contribution made by HR policies and practices in the areas of rewards, culture and organisation development as well as the role of the HR function itself. This event aims to deepen understanding of the HR contribution in the following ways:
---Highlighting practical experience through presentations from front-line managers involved in Knowledge Management initiatives.
--- Presenting the latest IPD commissioned research into the state-of-the-art in Knowledge Management.
--- Creating opportunities for networking and the exchange of experience amongst managers and academics.
This event is aimed at HR/Personnel managers, general managers with a Knowledge Management responsibility, and academics researching the field."
Knowledge Management and Innovation : April 23, 1999. London, U.K.
"What do we understand by organisational knowledge within firms and how do firms rely on different types of internal and external networks to secure it? How far do regulatory frameworks shape and manage expert knowledge? Can knowledge sourcing be profitably organised to co-ordinate future innovation? These are some of the questions being addressed in this workshop, which is one of four being organised to disseminate the results of the ESRC Research Programme The European Context of UK Science Policy."
Building & Leveraging your Organisation's Human Capital: April 19-22, London, U.K. Additional information not available. Try contacting the hotel hosting the conference: Gloucester Millennium Hotel , London.
"Learn from experts in the field: Peter M Senge, Leif Edvinsson, Hubert Saint-Onge"
The 1999 Conference on Knowledge Management & Organizational Learning: Making It Real and Deriving Value : March 8-9, 1999, San Francisco, CA (USA); April 15-16, 1999, New York City, NY  (USA)
"Drawing from their personal experience, speakers will describe ways to make knowledge management and organizational learning actionable.
The 1999 conference addresses two questions top management and business practitioners are asking about knowledge management and organizational learning: How do you make it "real?" How do you derive value? Drawing from their personal experience, speakers will describe ways to make knowledge management and organizational learning actionable. They will show how concepts and ideas have been translated into management practice and results."
The Knowledge Evolution: Expanding Organizational Intelligence : April 13, 1999, Sunnyvale, CA (USA)
"Are you part of the knowledge evolution? Did you know there is a knowledge evolution? Well, there is, and it has led to a new appreciation of people as important knowledge resources. Companies worldwide are mastering new principles of knowledge management and leveraging human intelligence in new and innovative ways. You’ll find out how at our April Chapter meeting when Verna Allee, an internationally recognized leader in knowledge management and intellectual capital, provides an expert view."
Delphi's International Knowledge Management Summit : March 28-31, 1999, San Diego, CA (USA)
"This is an event focused on one subject alone - Knowledge Management. Every session at IKMS'99, the keynotes, the breakouts, each vendor exhibit, everything you see and hear will focus exclusively on Knowledge Management. You won't find old ideas and old vendors repositioned here. This is the high ground of thought leadership and new technologies dedicated to Knowledge Management. No other event on Knowledge Management has a mission so focused and an agenda so detailed...."
3rd World Congress on Managing Intellectual Capital and Innovation: Jan. 20-22, 1999, Hamilton, Ontario (Canada)
Call 519-642-0066 for more information.
Overcoming the Obstacles to Technology-Leveraged Learning : Jan 19-21, 1999, Orlando, FL (USA)
"CREATIVE SOLUTIONS TO: Budget constraints, Network limitations, IT or HR reluctance, Organizational resistance."
The Annual Knowledge Management World Summit : Jan 11-13, 1999, San Francisco, CA (USA)
"Leverage the Best Practices and Technologies to Maximize Business Value.
Assess the impact of knowledge management on your organization’s:
Culture, Customer Interface, Corporate Strategies, Technology Infrastructure."
Click here for complete description .
Business Processes Resource Centre Focus Group on: KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT RESEARCH: Nov 16, 1998, The University of Warwick (United Kingdom)
"Syndicate discussion will focus around the following subthemes: Methods for Researching Knowledge Management. What methodologies can be used in the study of knowledge management? Applying Knowledge Management research. How can knowledge management research be related to practice and vice versa? Conceptual issues in Knowledge Management Research. What current theories or concepts can inform, or be informed by, knowledge management research?
For more information, please contact Rebecca Dale, on 01203 524 344, or email R.Dale@warwick.ac.uk"
Intranets for Knowledge Management : Nov 11-13, 1998, San Francisco, CA (USA)
"A unique opportunity to find out how Intranets can create a more profitable knowledge environment --- With an all-new, fully interactive, streamed program that will show you:
  • Who is successfully exploiting Intranets for KM - and exactly how they're benefiting
  • How you can take advantage of the latest technologies to supercharge your KM strategy
  • What the real payback is from successful Intranet and KM integration
  • Which coming killer apps are set to transform knowledge exploitation."
Using Intranets for Effective Knowledge Management : Nov 9-10, 1998, San Francisco, CA (USA)
"By attending this highly interactive two-day event you will learn how to:
Establish the business case for your knowledge management. Intranet Develop your knowledge management process using. Intranet and other web technology. Identify the most appropriate technologies and applications for a knowledge-based Intranet. Structure your knowledge management objectives to support organizational business drivers. Build a corporate environment that motivates and rewards employees to participate in knowledge. sharing Design Intranet applications that maximize employee collaboration on a local and global basis. Maximize intellectual capital within your organization"
The Second International Conference on Practical Aspects of Knowledge Management (PAKM98) : 29-30 October, 1998 Basel, Switzerland
"Knowledge Management is primarily an issue of enterprise organization and enterprise management but there are many central and important issues which can be supported or even enabled by state-of-the-art information systems. Consequently, approaches to Knowledge Management need to be rooted in business and organization science as well as in computer science. However, conferences and workshops on Knowledge Management typically either cover approaches from the first or the second area only. Although such events are certainly worthwhile we feel that bringing together people from both areas and giving them a forum for exchanging ideas will lead to Knowledge Management solutions that are much more useful and effective.
The PAKM Conference is dedicated to that quite challenging aim. It will bring together people from both areas, namely:
--people who have an organizational perspective on Knowledge Management, e.g. have practical experience in introducing Knowledge Management in organisations, or are concerned with more theoretical approaches to managing the resource "knowledge"
--people with an information technology point of view on Knowledge Management who, e.g., have developed tools for Knowledge Management, or are investigating on a more theoretical level technological frameworks for Knowledge Management "
Capitalizing on Knowledge (Knowledge Inc.'s Annual Strategic Forum): Oct 25-28, 1998, Chantilly, VA (U.S.A.)
"We are very excited about the array of excellent presenters at this year's conference, which includes a day devoted to "Winning Practices of the Knowledge Enterprise" and another focusing on "Customer Knowledge and Relationships." We have George Gilder, author of Microcosm and Telecosm, and Tom Davenport, our own editor-at-large and co-author of Working Knowledge, delivering keynotes exploring some of the critical opportunities and challenges that knowledge-intensive companies now face."
Knowledge, Knowing and Organizations. An INFORMS Sub-Conference sponsored by INFORMS/College on Organization Science: Oct 24-28, 1998, Seattle, WA (USA)
""Knowledge" has become a favorite topic among organization scientists. The knowledge-based view of organizations has highlighted the importance of intellectual capital in creating economic value. It has led to renewed and revised appreciation of human capital. It has refocused our frameworks for examining organizational competencies. On the other hand, there is some danger that the pace of acceptance of the concept has led us to proliferate knowledge-related concepts, claims and correlates when we could more constructively build upon them.
The College on Organization Sciences will devote this Fall’s INFORMS Subconference to isolating the distinctive and enduring value of Knowledge as a major construct in organization theory. This meeting will build on topics raised at this January’s Organization Science Winter Conference and will precede a special issue of Organization Science devoted to "Knowledge, Knowing and Organizations" (guest editors: John Seely Brown, Bruce Kogut, Arie Lewin, and Larry Prusak, call to be issued following the Fall conference, papers will be due by 30 April 1999)."
Learning Communities: Building Enduring Capability : Sept 16-18, 1998, San Francisco, CA (USA)
"Join leading thinkers and practitioners to learn about building enduring capability through learning communities. Five keynote presentations and four large forum sessions will explore and develop the conference theme. Over 50 parallel sessions—in tracks such as "Developing People," "Leadership," "Dialogue," "Large-Scale Change," and "Technologies for Supporting Learning Communities"—will offer a wide range of case studies, practical applications, and tools and techniques, so that you can take what you learn and put it to work in your own organizational settings. In a very real and immediate sense, we will come together in San Francisco as a living laboratory in which to experiment, discover, and carry forward our best understanding of what it means to build enduring capability in our learning communities."
Intranets for Knowledge Management, Europe : Sept, 1998, Amsterdam, Netherlands
For description see the New York conference description below for May, 1998...
Valuation of Intellectual Capital: August 24-26, 1998 (Los Anglese, CA); September 15-17, 1998 (New York City)
For CEOs, CFOs, Heads of R&D, and technical professionals who want to master the new metrics. Call 441-293-5910 for more information and registration forms.
Collaboration '98: Customer Intimacy Through On-Line Community : August 12-14, 1998, San Jose, CA (USA)
see description below for the New York conference...
Best Practices for Building A Knowledge-Based Learning Organization: August 3-4, 1998, Loyola Univeristy, Chicago, IL (USA)
Call 513-697-8386 for more information
Knowledge Management Conference, The : June 22-24, 1998, Boston, MA (USA)
"Learn how today's most successful organizations are...creating synergy among separate business units with knowledge management aplications...saving time and imporving productivity through metadata and document categorization...improving the management of knowledge with intranets and data warehouses...eliminating corporate waste and identifying opportunities for profit with decision support tools and the emergence of advanced search and retrieval products...building lucrative business relationships by harnessing their own knowledge and expertise...utilizing knowledge management applications to benefit from their own best practices."
Contact: ConfReg@dci.com or call (978) 470-3880. Sponsored by DCI and Inference Corporation.
Measuring and Valuing Intellectual Capital:  June 16-17, 1998, London (UK)
"Europe's first ever dedicated conference on the measurement of Intellectual Capital and Intangible Assets.
The greatest challenge facing any organisation today is in understanding the huge differential between its balance sheet and market valuation. This gap represents the core value of the company - its Intellectual Capital.
This unique conference is about capturing, managing and measuring all of these intangible assets, which together, comprise the precious Intellectual Capital resource - the hidden gold which can transform the worth of your organisation."
1998 International Knowledge Management Executive Summit : June 8-11, 1998, San Diego, California (USA)
Features Dr. Peter Drucker.
"Delphi's International Knowledge Management Executive Summit (IKMS'98) is the only focused event dedicated to the technologies, methodologies and real-world applications of Knowledge Management. It is a comprehensive four-day event that will provide you with exceptional detail and depth on the issues facing evaluators, users, and developers of Knowledge Management technologies and knowledge-based organizations.
You will hear first-hand accounts of pioneering success stories by Fortune 1000 organizations, see demonstrations of leading tools and applications, and network with the leading minds in Knowledge Management.
Three visionary keynotes, more than 35 sessions, 15 application laboratories, 3 half-day tutorials, and access to an unparalleled array of experts will create a unique line-up and a powerhouse of experience for you to bring back to your organization. These four days will save you months of research."
Collaboration '98: Customer Intimacy Through On-Line Community : May 7-8, 1998, New York City, NY (USA)
"Collaboration ‘98 is unlike any other conference you have ever attended! Although there are many conferences today on Knowledge Management, Electronic Collaboration, Groupware and On-line communities, none of these other conferences actually uses the technologies they talk about, or models the behaviors needed to be successful. That is where Collaboration ‘98 is different -- it is a "hands-on" event. We believe that the best way to learn is by doing. To this end, Collaboration ‘98 is a process rather than an event, and you are invited to become a member of a community rather than simply an attendee to one-time conference event. The conference focus is on the rapidly converging areas of: Knowledge Management, Electronic Collaboration, On-line Communities."
Intranets for Knowledge Management : May 4-6, 1998, New York City, NY (USA)
"A unique event - of proven value - that will enable you to:
CREATE an enhanced Intranet for a knowledge economy
EVALUATE the real issues behind Knowledge Management information systems and the factors influencing implementation
ASSESS practical strategies for the application of knowledge-based Intranet technologies that really benefit your company and your people
LEARN from in-depth Case Studies how leading businesses are already exploiting Intranets as part of an integrated knowledge program
Discover how you can develop your Intranet for truly profitable exploitation of your corporate knowledge
Plus an Exhibition of leading-edge Intranet solutions for a knowledge culture"
Facilitating Corporate Innovation Via Knowledge Management (post-conference: Practical Tools and Techniques for Building & Leveraging Profitable Growth): April 1 & 2, 1998, New York City, NY (U.S.A.)
"This highly interactive conference is the ideal way to explore how to:
1. Initiate a strategy to identify, extract, and manage knowledge within your organization to enable idea sharing. 2. Efficiently and effectively transfer intelligence between functional silos to create new and timely product and service offerings. 3. Create an environment that enables knowledge transfer and sharing within your organization to foster innovation."
Call 312-540-3010 for more info or write to ICM Conferences, Inc.; 303 E. Wacker Dr. 20th Floor; Chicago, IL 60601; USA.
Managing for Innovation : How the World’s Best-Managed Companies Innovate Products, Processes and People for Long-Term Market Domination: March 30-31, 1998, Chicago, IL (USA)
"If you can't afford to slip behind your competition, then you can't afford to miss Managing For Innovation 1998. Key industry leaders and strategic thinkers will discuss how-to strategies for getting and maintaining a competitive advantage. Learn how to use innovation as the key to identifying and moving into new markets, driving product development and achieving improvements in products, processes, and people."
Practical Application of Knowledge Management, The : March 23-25, 1998, London, U.K.
"The aim of this conference is to examine, discuss and develop solutions for the management of knowledge within organisations by addressing areas such as:
Strategic management of knowledge; Knowledge as a means of maintaining competitive advantage; Process reengineering through knowledge management; Knowledge as a means for unlocking and maximising an organisations assets; Provision of timely access to relevant knowledge; Maintaining security of sensitive information; Placing responsibility for maintenance of knowledge on its "owners"; Training issues"
Knowledge Management for the Bio/Pharmaceutical Industry : March 18-20, 1998, Washington, DC, U.S.A.
"These are just some of the assets you'll gain at this forum: 1) Evaluate the importance of cultural buy-in. 2) Determine and implement methods to foster knowledge sharing among employees. 3) Enable employees to access critical information, allowing for better, faster, more informed decisions. 4) Leverage corporate knowledge to generate competitive advantage. 5) Capture, codify, and transfer tacit knowledge and make it explicit. 6) Integrate and manage human intellect and the KM infrastructure. 7) Accelerate drug development while reducing time to market."
Also call (888) 670-8200 (U.S.) or (841) 951-7885 (International).
Increasing Customer Loyalty Through Knowledge Management : March 10-11, 1998, London, UK.
"A practical conference for real achievement
Customer Knowledge is the foundation upon which every successful company is built. Increasing Customer Loyalty through Knowledge Management will take you on the direct route to:
FORGING a personal relationship with customers
INCREASING staff awareness of customer importance
DELIVERING value added services that competitors cannot duplicate
IMPROVING product development processes
ENHANCING Customer Loyalty and satisfaction"
Convergence Conferences : Next one, Feb 23-26, 1998, Santa Barbara, CA (USA)
(Sponsored by The Innovation Network )
"The convergence conferences are the "gathering place" for all those interested in the innovation process. They offer inspiration, personal networking, hands-on methods & techniques and many fun ways to experience such a "serious subject." Renewed attendees acclaim the energy charge they received from attending. For most, it is an experience raised to tradition of being an annual do-not-miss event."
Knowledge Ecology Fair '98 : Feb 2-27, 1998, Web-based, virtual conference.
"KEFair 98 is the first global gathering dedicated to knowledge ecology. Knowledge ecology deals with the cultural and organizational dimensions of creating, sharing and leveraging knowledge. The emphasis is on the relationship and synergy between people and their tools for working with knowledge.
Knowledge management provides you with actionable information and opportunity. Knowledge ecology adds the context, synergy and trust necessary to use information, recognize opportunities, and turn them into knowledge and action."
The 2nd World Congress on the Management of Intellectual Capital : Jan 21-23, 1998, Hamilton, Ontario (Canada)
"The goal of The Second World Congress on the Management of Intellectual Capital is to provide a forum for the presentation, exchange and discussion of leading academic and practical expertise pertaining to intellectual capital management. Business experiences from leaders in the application of intellectual capital management principles will be supplemented by cutting-edge research findings form Canada's leading academics. The result will be exposure to principles you can employ to affect dramatic performance increase in your company."
Know How II ’97 : Dec 10-11, 1997, Miami, FL U.S.A.
"The Institute For International Research (IIR) and the Strategic Leadership Forum (SLF) present, Know How II ‘97: Advanced Internal and External Knowledge Management. This event will address the issue of capturing, retaining and harvesting the intellectual capital which accumulates both internally and as a result of increasingly complex external partnerships."
Knowledge Management Conference, Dec 2-3, 1997, San Diego, CA U.S.A.
"Best Practices for Building a Knowledge-Based Learning Organization. A comprehensive two-day conference featuring research, corporate case studies, best practices, lessons learned and open discussion.
Register or get more information by calling (513) 697-8386 or write to: Center for Corporate Learning; 101 Commerce Boulevard; Loveland, OH 45140-7727"
Capitalizing on Knowledge Winning Practices of the Knowledge Enterprise: Nov 10, 1997, Napa, CA (U.S.A.)
"Recognizing that interest in knowledge and intellectual capital management is extremely high, Knowledge Inc. has scheduled its premier forum on knowledge strategy for November 10, 1997 in Napa Valley, California at the Silverado Country Club and Resort. The conference, entitled "Capitalizing on Knowledge: Winning Practices of the Knowledge Enterprise," will focus on some of the most pressing issues in the knowledge management field-- bringing together a host of cutting edge practitioners, innovators and thought leaders."
Increasing Corporate Power Through Knowledge Management : Nov 2-3, 1997, London, U.K.
"If you believe there are untapped resources of intelligence and knowledge within your organisation that are waiting to be freed, then attending Increasing Corporate Power through Knowledge Management will be the most productive days you spend in 1997. This remarkable conference is focused on three main objectives:
IDENTIFYING hidden knowledge within an organisation
ENSURING that all parts of the organisation are communicating and sharing knowledge
LEVERAGING Intellectual Capital for corporate power"
SCI '97 (???)

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