Get Involved, Make A Difference

There is enough trouble in the world to keep all six billion of us busy for the next three centuries.

But while we cannot each save the world, we can each do a little something from time to time. On this page I will try to feature causes, requests for help, etc... that come my way that appear authentic. I will do my best to verify veracity.

While I may not always agree 100% with the organizations I place here, I feel it is worth spreading the info around. Check it out, decide for yourself, and do what you can....

An excellent information source for staying on top of issues that really matter in ALL aspects of our lives is Public TV and radio (KQED 88.5FM in Northern California). I am an avid fan of National Public Radio (NPR). Check it out!!! The NPR site even allows you to listen to the latest newscast in RealAudio!

One small list of causes to understand, support, and/or join (old material kept for reference):

  1. African Leadership Academy: African Leadership Academy (ALA) seeks to transform Africa by developing and supporting future generations of African leaders. Opening in 2008, African Leadership Academy will bring together 250 of the most promising 15-18 year old leaders from all 54 African nations for an innovative two-year program designed to prepare each student for a lifetime of leadership on the continent. Students will be selected to attend the Academy based on merit alone and will complete an innovative curriculum with a focus on leadership, entrepreneurship, and African studies. ALA graduates will attend the world’s finest universities and will lead Africa toward a peaceful and prosperous future. ALA is a nonprofit institution located in Johannesburg, South Africa.
  2. Carbon Footprint Calculator: calculate how much you are contributing to carbon emissions. This site is from the oil copmany BP, but it is still worth a look, including other info on carbon emissions and alternative energy.
  3. Dir Biyabir: a registered non-profit that was formed in 2006 to mobilize financial and human resources for the specific purpose of supporting local grass-roots development projects in the poorest areas of Ethiopia. The types of development projects that will be supported in Ethiopia include those that focus on reducing extreme poverty, building schools for local children, planting trees and rehabilitating the environment, improving local healthcare, and providing vocational training to help the local population gain skills for new sources of income.
  4. Kapor Center: Leveling the Playing Field in Tech: "The Kapor family of organizations works to remove barriers to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education and tech careers for underrepresented people of color. We take a comprehensive approach to fixing the leaks at every stage of the tech pipeline, from K-12 education through the workplace with education programs, advocacy, and social impact investing."
  5. New Haven Schools Foundation Scholarships: The New Haven Schools Foundation administers the “Pathways to Success” community scholarship program that provides financial aid to graduating seniors from: James Logan High School, Conley-Caraballo High School, Decoto School for Independent Studies, New Haven Adult School.
  6. PeaceJam: "PeaceJam is an international education program built around leading Nobel Peace Laureates who work personally with youth to pass on the spirit, skills and wisdom they embody. The goal of PeaceJam is to inspire a new generation of peacemakers who will transform their local communities, themselves and the world."
  7. The Stephanie Cadet Foundation: "The Stephanie Brown Cadet Memorial Foundation was created by Stephanie's family and friends following her untimely passing from a heart condition in July 2005. Stephanie was a delightful and devoted mother of two, an accomplished software sales executive, and a committed volunteer. Stephanie strongly believed in the virtue of volunteering to serve her communities and fellow citizens. In addition to the volunteer work that she performed, Stephanie had plans to establish funds and community services to enhance and enrich others and to help ensure a more fair and equitable society. This foundation was created to realize her intentions and advance her legacy."
  8. es and the world."
  9. The Village Method: "A community-based grassroots organization with a mission dedicated to making youth unstoppable. We do this by offering culturally responsive Youth Development, Family Engagement, and Community Outreach programming in South Alameda County."
  10. The Wikimedia Foundation: "Wikipedia is a free and open encyclopedia, hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation. The heart and soul of Wikipedia is our global community of over 200,000+ volunteer contributors, billions of readers, and donors like yourself – all united to share unlimited access to reliable information. Your donations keep our knowledge projects like Wikipedia freely available to everyone. Please help us keep Wikipedia growing."