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Bay Area Events: and San Jose Mercury News. Great starting points for what's going on in the SF Bay Area.
Comedy Sportz: If you haven't seen improv comedy, you have GOT to see THIS if there is one in your area. I was skeptical at first, but it's amazing how funny these people can be with sparse props and random topics.
Festival Finder : This site lists over 1300 festivals across North America (including the Carribean and Mexico). You can view by music genre, date, location, etc...
San Jose is often treated as the younger, step-sibling to San Francisco. But San Jose and the surrounding area (Silicon Valley in particualr) has a lot to offer and usually for very reasonable prices! (Note that the two San Jose links are different )  


Here is a brief listing of other Nigeria-related resources:
International airport departure procedures (as of spring, 2014)
How to renew your Nigerian passport (as of February 28, 2019)
Humor (video sketch): "Mrs.Omokorede" pushes biology on her daughter (only available in the UK)
Igbo Traditional Wedding - pictures posted by the BBC
NAIJA - Stanford Nigerian Student Association


Soccer is CLEARLY the best sport in the world (at least to play!)...

SOCCER!!!! (Better known as the real football..yeah, they do mainly use their feet!!!)

I may, OK WILL, never live up to the feats of the 1996 Olympic champions or the 1998 World Cup Round of 16, but I did play Stanford intramurals. I also played with the Silicon Valley Soccer Association from 1996 or so to 2003 (2000 ended early from a disappointing ankle sprain). I was disappointed with "retirement" but at least I got the taste of championship nectar in 2002.

Music and related links

{I realize a LOT has changed since I started this short list in the 1990s, but I love my history}
African Hip Hop (since 1996)
KBLX ("The Quiet Storm", San Francisco)
KMEL106.1FM ("Music for the Hip-Hop Generation", San Francisco)
(Support College Radio!, Stanford U.)
Genius: Genius is the world’s biggest collection of song lyrics and musical knowledge.
The Rap Dictionary: The Rap Dictionary is the oldest and ultimate resource for looking up hip-hop slang.

Travel/Public Transportation

Save the air, save the earth. Support public transportation! For people in the SF Bay Area there are several convenient resources to check out like 511 is your one-stop phone and web source for up-to-the-minute Bay Area traffic, transit, carpool, bicycling, and parking information. For people in other regions, I encourage you to get familiar with non-automobile dependent methods of getting around. Carpool, whatever it takes to at least slow down the environmental decay of our planet.

Find out about all the hidden treasures here: Bay Area Backroads .