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Web Stuff

Searching (formerly Mining Company): Uses real guides to conduct your category-based searches. Now you know.
CNET: Technology product reviews, price comparisons, tech video, and more
Excite Home (powered by Yahoo! search)
Google (Another Stanford rising star!)
HotBot (Wired Magazine)
LookSmart: Where to Look for What You Need
MultiCrawl Parallel Search (United Kingdon)
Newspapers of America : Find newspaper sites all over America.
Northern Lights Search . Includes premium data representing over 1,800 journals, reviews, magazines and newswires not easily found on the World Wide Web (must be purchased).
Scrub the Web : interesting site with web searching accessories.
TechWeb : An excellent resource for technology news. Also search an extensive list of magzines and journals.
Telephone Directories on the Web : Get access to telephone info all over the world!!!
WebCrawler: The web's top search engines spun together

Free Stuff and other convenient web resources!

The web has literally exploded with free utilities and services. Don't limit yourself to the standard portals like Yahoo and Excite. There is a wealth of services out there, and this is only a miniscule fraction of them! Let's patronize these establishments and keep the internet revolution rolling! Of course, with the economic slowdown since 2000, certain services are being converted into pay-sites or shut down completely.
Edmund's Index of Car Makes : Extensive consumer advice on purchasing/leasing new cars, as well as manufacturer and retail pricing! Check it before you make taht big decision. : Invite groups of people all at once to any kind of event you are hosting! : Free phone calling over the internet.
How Stuff Works : Learn about the inner workings of things you always were curious about. Explained in plain english with other useful links. : An excellent notification service. It will CALL any number you wish with reminders, wake-up calls, etc... You can also direct these same services to any email address you like.
Kelley Blue Book New Car Pricing and Bluebook Values
HomeFair's Relocation Wizard: Get everything you need for planning a move
Pricescan : Review prices all over the web on various products.
Teleflip: Send text messages via email without needing to know the recipient's mobile phone provider.